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2-Can Trial Pack

Sparkling Citrus Punch

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We’re so confident you’ll love Lotza (back), we’re putting our money where our mouth is. For a limited time, you can try both ridiculously delicious blends in one refreshing pack (Lemon Hibiscus & Wild Berry Mint) for the price of “on the house” (a.k.a. FREE).

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*The Lotza is free, we just ask that you pay for shipping, so that we can afford to treat ourselves this summer instead of drowning in debt from all the free Lotza we gave away because we got too excited about wanting everyone to try it since it's mouthwateringly delicious and we're confident that when you taste it, you'll love it, and then we will have you hooked, and we can do more fun things together like opening a real live club where Lotza is served on tap, everything is served with cheese, and Bravo is playing on all the TVs. If you read all of this, we're not sure if we should be excited or concerned. Anyways, get yourself some Lotza, on us.

7g Sugar



Gluten Free

Real Fruit

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My new favorite drink!

It punches you in the taste buds with the first sip and then you literally can’t put it down. I kept going back for more until it was gone.


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I noticeably feel better

I wasn’t even done with one can, and I felt a noticeable difference in my energy and mood.


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No hangover

I drank a few of these (among other things) on a night out, and I didn’t feel hungover at all the next day. Will recommend!