Digital Gift Card


Digital Gift Card


Not sure what to get that fun-loving person in your life? 🤔 THIS is your answer. It's the perfect way to say you care, while giving them the freedom to peruse our line-up and pick what they'll love most. 💕


The easiest and favoritest gift their ever was.

We're a little biased, but this is definitely the best gift you could ever give someone. What shows you care more than something they'll love and will love them back? And it's easy on you too, sow what's not to love?

Choose the Amount

Pick the amount that represents how much you love this person. (No pressure) 😂

Choose When to Send

Send it right away or add your email to send it later when the time is right.

Give Yourself a High Five

You did it! They're going to absolutely love your gift and talk about it forever.