Real fruit for a taste you'll love and whole plant-
based ingredients that’ll love you back.

The Dilemma:

What we drink with alcohol exacerbates its negative effects.

Existing options are high in sugar and include harmful ingredients that make you feel like garbage (artificial flavors/colors, toxins) and amplify the negative effects of alcohol (anxiety, headaches, nausea, fatigue, puffiness) instead of working to combat them.

Lotza is the world's first clean drink mixer that helps boost your mood + support next-day recovery.

PlantBOOST: Our winning functional formula

We've removed all the garbage found in other drink mixers and alcoholic beverages. And with the help of our medical team, we developed a proprietary functional formula that contains a powerful combination of 9 unique plants, vitamins, adaptogens, and minerals, each hand-selected for their targeted benefits.

Look Good

Alcohol can dehydrate you and cause increased inflammation in your body, both of which can make you look puffy and weathered. Lotza includes electrolytes to improve hydration, Rose Hip and Vitamin C to boost collagen and increase moisture, as well as Sea Buckthorn, and Hibiscus to help play a role in longevity and aging.

Sea Buckthorn

Filled with various vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants and other plant compounds that may protect your skin and aid liver function. May help your protect your skin and liver from the damaging effects of alcohol.


This flowering plant is full of antioxidants, has been shown to fight redness and puffiness, has been widely studied for its liver-protecting benefits, and is used for support of the liver when processing things like alcohol.

Rose Hip

High in antioxidants and rich with vitamin C, and has been shown to help prevent skin aging by increasing moisture and elasticity, boosting collagen, and protecting and replenishing your skin barrier.

Feel Good

Alcohol can act as a sedative and rob you of energy. B vitamins are present in Lotza to help convert food into energy and support healthy cellular function. Additional mood-boosting and calming ingredients include our power house adaptogens, Holy Basil and Rhodiola.

B Vitamins

Promotes enzymes that power alcohol metabolism. May help increase energy levels, reduce stress, boost mood, reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression, and has anti-aging effects (hydrates, brightens skin).

Holy Basil

Known as "the queen of herbs,” this adaptogen has antioxidant properties, and has been shown to treat inflamed skin, have mood-boosting and anti-anxiety properties and can help enhance liver detox.

Rhodiola Rosea

A natural adaptogen that increases your body's resistance to stress. And has also been shown to improve symptoms of burnout, battle fatigue, and give your mood a pleasant boost.

Bounce Back

The primary cause of feeling lousy after you drink is a buildup of a toxic byproduct called acetaldehyde. Through Dihydromyricetin (a.k.a., DHM, a natural plant extract), Lotza helps increase acetaldehyde metabolism and reduce “hangxiety." Paired with minerals and ginger, it's the perfect trio to help you wake up refreshed.

Sea Buckthorn

Can promote alcohol metabolism and break down toxins. And has been shown to  improve sleep quality, help our bodies recover after drinking, improve our mood, and reduce “hanxiety”.

Himalayan Sea Salt

Can regulate water content in the body, balances pH, and promotes healthy cellular metabolism. Has been shown to help keep you hydrated (electrolytes), energized (battles fatigue), and glowing (nourishes skin cells).


A classic nausea remedy that not only is a tummy-settler but it also aids digestion so our bodies have a little extra fuel to cleanse, reduce redness, and detox to get us back to our sprightly selves.

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We put the fun in functional nutrients!

Us vs. Them

This isn’t about choosing a better drink mixer. It’s about choosing a better way to drink.


Laura Markz

Meet the founder.

I created Lotza to solve a problem I faced personally... As a career-driven mom of three kids, I found myself having less and less fun because of the crushing load of responsibilities adulthood brings.

Until one day (in the shower of all places), I came to the realization that having fun is critical to a rich and fulfilling life, not something we should de-prioritize in order to achieve it.

From then on, through Lotza, I've obsessively pursued my mission of empowering women to have more fun.

Our Vision:

We are dedicated to creating a future where, as adults, we can laugh more, do more of what we love, and be more true to ourselves... no apologies necessary. With that, every product we pursue will serve to build that future vision.